Founder and Chief Executive

An avid environmentalist and sailor, I was born and raised in Hong Kong to British and Filipino parents.   Together with my sister Nicola, I taught and led ocean conservation activities to primary students during summer holidays in the island of Palawan, Philippines.  At a very young age, my passion for social responsibility activities emerged as I participated at bread-runs and mini-marathons for the benefit of Hong Kong charities.

I also believe that youth has the power to positively impact the future of our oceans and our environment leading to sustainability of humankind’s future.  I sincerely hope that, together with my peers, the HK Youth Oceans Conservation Foundation may contribute positively in making this a reality.

An active member of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s 29er Shark Squad, I represent Hong Kong at various regattas locally and internationally.  Currently at Year 11 at the Canadian International School, I attended Reception to Year 10 at the French International School Hong Kong.

My goal is to study Marine Biology in university and hope to bring deeper knowledge and innovative solutions in addressing the challenges that our oceans face. 




Delegations and Logistics

My name is Micaela and I am in charge of logistics and public affairs. I’ve held a strong passion for the environment from a young age learning about ocean pollution during elementary school classes. Learning about the severity of the issue and how it is harming our earth, I was encouraged to begin participating in beach clean ups.  I have always wanted to make my own impact for the better, so once Sam broached the idea of organising a youth-led summit to address these issues, I could not resist. 


As a child I’ve grown up in multiple countries in Asia studying in international schools in Busan, Guangzhou and am currently studying in the Canadian International School in Hong Kong. I am a grade 11 student and who is very much involved in sports and have a great interest in science. 








Marketing and Media Relations

Although I was born in Chile, I spent most of my life growing up in Canada until my family moved to Asia where I got the chance to live by the sea.  I was exposed to a new environment surrounded by pollution, haze and cargo boats passing by leaving behind a trail of trash that would always end up on the shores.  When my family moved to Hong Kong, I could see the same issues affecting Hong Kong’s shores.  These incidents inspired me to come together with Sam and Micaela to organise this event.  


As head of marketing and media, I hope that by running this summit we can help raise awareness about what is happening to the ocean. I hope that more and more of our peers can come together in order to form solutions that can be put into action to save the ocean and all the creatures living in it.  

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