Prof. Gray A. WILLIAMS


The Swire Institute of Marine Science

School of Biological Sciences

The University of Hong Kong


Gray is a Professor in the School of Biological Sciences and Director of the Swire Institute of Marine Science, a facility of the Faculty of Science devoted to research into Hong Kong’s marine environment.  He undertook his first degrees and a Post Doctoral position in the UK before moving to the tropics and Hong Kong.


He has worked in Hong Kong for almost 30 years and published > 160 papers; including text books and fieldguides on intertidal ecology and Hong Kong species.  His research focuses on the dynamics of intertidal systems, with particular focus on the behaviour and ecophysiology of rocky shore species.  As a result, he has worked at field sites from Japan to Singapore to tackle large scale questions of how organisms can tolerate environmental change, and to predict which species many either benefit, or suffer from climate change.  


Gray has also been involved in a number of conservation initiatives in Hong Kong documenting coastal biodiversity in collaboration with the AFCD, WWF HK and OPCF.

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