Tracey READ

Founder and CEO

Plastic Free Seas

Hong Kong


In 2012 Tracey sailed across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Hawaii on a plastic pollution research expedition sampling the sea surface in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. She wanted to see for herself where all our plastic goes after it enters the sea. Two weeks after her return she found her beach covered in tonnes of tiny plastic pellets. The government was alerted and an HK wide cleanup involving thousands of volunteers, government staff and corporate groups commenced for almost 4 months. This event lead to significant changes in attitude to plastic marine pollution. Seeing the need for a charity dedicated to plastic marine pollution she founded the charity Plastic Free Seas in Hong Kong in 2013. The main focus for PFS is education, community awareness and local action. Tracey has been a guest speaker to thousands of students and many businesses throughout Asia and now Australia, connecting them with the issue and empowering them with solutions to combat plastic pollution and reduce plastic waste. Tracey lived in Hong Kong for 12 years before relocating to Brisbane in 2018. She has been named by Ocean Geographic magazine as an Influential Woman in Conservation (2018) and was an Earth Champion Hong Kong nominee in 2008.

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