Head of School

Canadian International School


David Baird is an international education administrator and former International Baccalaureate Science teacher, having worked in Vietnam, China, Swaziland, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Canada. Currently, he is Head of School at Canadian International School of Hong Kong. A former federal park ranger/naturalist at two national parks in Canada, David has always had a passionate interest in environmental issues and during his career had started a large Environmental and Outdoor Education Center in Canada, an Outdoor Education School in British Columbia as well as leading the first Russian-Canadian student exchange in the mid-eighties which involved extensive environmental pollution sampling of river systems south of Moscow during a 300 kilometre canoe expedition . At CDNIS, in partnership with Peter Wong the CDNIS Director of Business Administration,  they initiated the second largest photovoltaic system on Hong Kong Island. A dive instructor, sailor, and rower David has always been involved with oceans, either below the surface or on top of them!

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