The HK Youth Oceans Conservation Summit is a HK-youth driven event launched by the Hong Kong Youth Oceans Conservation Foundation, to be held in Hong Kong on 28-29 June 2019 (Friday - Saturday).



The Summit provides a platform for youth and schools to share meaningful initiatives and projects that address ocean conservation issues.   To highlight importance of effective collaboration, a competition will be held to identify innovative ocean and marine conservation projects.



The Summit gathers Hong Kong primary and secondary students, together with Hong Kong policy leaders, scientists, conservationists, and social influencers for a period of three days to discuss, debate and share ideas that tackle important issues affecting oceans and the environment.


Scientists, business and policy leaders participate and provide advice and support for the ocean conservation projects they’re working on.



The Youth-driven Summit provides an avenue for all environmental conservation stakeholders – business, investors, government leaders, scientists and conservationists – to identify practical and actionable solutions in environmental protection.

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